What is aluminum heat sink?

  • 03-19-2019

The heat sink is mostly made of metals. As the heat exchangers, it can help the mechanical devices and electronic products to reduce the temperature rise. There are many materials be used to make heat sink, such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper and so on. But the heat sink material most common material is aluminum alloys.  Aluminum heat sinks are called as extruded heat sinks, and an excellent conductor of heat.

Aluminum Heat Sink

The aluminum heat sink is very important. It cans enormous benefits for industrial and commercial electronic device manufacturers. because of it nature, which aluminum is a good heat conductor and heat reflector, it making the heat sink become very benefit in the heat transfer applications and as a highly reflective heat shield.

In fact,compared with more efficient cooling metals, the aluminum heat sink be easier to create custom profile variations.

The aluminum heat sink has some advantages, such as excellent corrosion resistance, easy to recycle, low weight, although the thermal performances are not as good as copper. The aluminum’s malleability is excellent, and it has same conductivity as copper conductor. So much cheaper.

As a result, the aluminum heat sink is widely used in mechanical motor, auto and heat power battery pack, household electrical appliances components, and other areas of the industry.



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