The surface treatment of aluminium profile

  • 01-24-2019

What is aluminium surface treatments?According to Aluminium profile surface treatments, “article says the aluminium surface treatments means all the processes that are performed to the surface of the aluminum work piece to achieve different finishes. Each type of treatment produces surfaces that are different to the touch and in the reflection of light, making objects appear glossy, matte, satin, or with a “hammered” or shot penned surface.”

the surface treatment powder coating brown

Aluminum alloy needs surface treatments. Because of aluminium surface is covered with an aluminium oxide layer,which has a thickness of less than 1-2μm,as well as high porosity and low mechanical strength. Namely,in contact with the atmosphere, this aluminium oxide layer can’t protect the metal from corrosion. Accordingly,anodic oxidation become the most common way of superficial oxidation processes. It can make the surface of aluminium is resistant to weather, mechanical and some chemical influences.

The most frequently used surface treatments in our company are these: powder coating、anodizing、sandblasting、brush, and polish、 electrophoresis、wood grain. Our company has a professional aluminum profile surface treatment line. Such as ITW gema vertical spraying production line、Japanese  horizontal fluosol-carbon spraying production line、Electrophoresis and oxidation production line. Making surface treatment not only can make the aluminium profile get protects the surface, but also can gain different colour tones、bright surface、remove different impurities and bigger flaws.

Guangyuan use our professional and mature aluminium finishing skills in order to helping to improve aluminium profile’s durability and practicality. We can craft components to satisfied all your need.



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