The production flow chart of aluminum profiles

  • 11-21-2018

Guangdong Guangyuan Aluminum Co.,Ltd has manufactured various architectural construction materials、aluminum industrial profiles、aluminum decorative materials and other advanced aluminum profile for many years. As an experienced aluminum profile manufacturers, Guangyuan is going to show the aluminum profile manufacturing process as bellows:

The first step, sourcing the best raw material—aluminum ingot.
The Second step, forming the aluminum ingot into aluminum billet through melting, casting, and homogenizing process.
The Third step,extruding the profile into a certain shape, and place it to age in a certain temperature and times.
The fourth step, modifying the aluminum profiles surface through sandblasting, brush, polishing, anodizing, electrophoretic, powder coated, etc.
The fifth step, screening and packing the qualified goods, then place it into the warehouse
The sixth step, delivering to worldwide.


Our company insists on the combination of lean production and high-efficiency shipping time. The general production cycle is 10 days mold unloading, 1-2 days sample confirmation, 15 days production extrusion +surface treatment +packing, 15 -30 days shipping.



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