The characteristics and application of aluminum profiles

  • 11-29-2018

Aluminum Profiles is widely used in many expects, because of its unique characteristics.

First of all, aluminum profiles are lightweight and have small density compare to other metal, like steel and copper.It’s better in the transportation area such as aircraft, boating and automobile industries because saving more energy when those operate. Besides, aluminum profiles can be used as Architectural construction materials, especially Aluminum Curtain Wall. Because of its lightweight, it has greater design capabilities.

aluminum curtain wall

Aluminum Curtain Wall                               



Secondly, aluminum profiles are sustainable, is friendly to the environment.Aluminum can be recycled easily and can be recycled over and over again, which makes it reduce production costs. And the overall production process of sustainable aluminum extrusions reduces waste, emissions, and other byproducts caused,etc. It’s more cost effective and environmental benefit.

aluminum profiles

Thirdly, aluminum profiles have high resistance to corrosion. According to Corrosion of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy-ASM International, “When aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere, a thin invisible oxide skin forms immediately, which protects the metal from further oxidation? This self-protecting characteristic gives aluminum its high resistance to corrosion.” (J.R David). People would like to have Aluminum windows and Doors, Aluminum Railings, etc. for their house and project. It’s durable in use compared to other metals.

aluminum doors and windows

aluminum windows and doors
Aluminum windows and Doors                           

guangyuan aluminum railing

Aluminum Railings

In addition to those characteristics, aluminum profiles have many other benefits as well; it plays an important role in our daily life.



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