Aluminum Door and Window System

The aluminum door and window systems are adopted by the system window company to adopt an overall aluminum door and window system solution, which makes a clear commitment to the performance and quality indicators of the product. A series of important functions such as water proofness, gas tightness, wind load resistance, mechanical strength, thermal insulation, sound insolation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, operating feel, etc., also need to consider the comprehensive results of the performance of each link of equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesive, seals. Products designed, manufactured, installed according to the requirements of the overall solution, and achieved the performance and quality indicators promised in actual use. To put it simply, in order to make aluminum doors and windows for the system, there should be advance goal setting. Aluminum doors and windows system can not be simply equal to energy saving and high performance. At the same time, the aluminum door and window systems emphasize accountability for results. Therefore, the aluminum door and window sytem is a perfect organic combination of performance systems.


Here is the difference between aluminum doors and windows system and traditional aluminum doors and windows


1. Stability and performance

After 2 to 3 years of system aluminum alloy door and window research and development, the material and the performance and quality of the entire aluminum door and window are comprehensively tested, and mature products are launched after reaching the expected goals. Ordinary aluminum doors and windows are temporarily integrated aluminum doors and windows for a single project, often without comprehensive testing.

2. Flexibility

The aluminum door and window systems are serialized and standardized products. The notch structure and material supply have strong exclusivity and incompatibility. Only the series can be selected according to the needs of the project. Generally, separate projects are not developed. Domestic and foreign manufacturers of ordinary aluminum door and window materials can choose, and can also temporarily open the mold, which has strong flexibility.

3. Software

Aluminum door and window systems provide products, but also provide design software, design manuals, procurement manuals, processing manuals, professional special equipment and technical service support. The quality of ordinary aluminum doors and windows depends on the level of designers and the processing and installation capabilities of aluminum door and window companies.

4. After-sales service

The quality assurance of aluminum door and window system is the engineering warranty of aluminum alloy door and window units, as well as the system warranty of system company products.


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