Aluminum Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall is used to covered the outer building to keep the weather out and occupants in. It is commonly used for the modern large building or high-rise building because it does not carry any structure load from the buildings.


Currently, curtain wall systems are typically utilizing custom aluminum extrusion frame instead of steel frame. The reason is that aluminum is much lighter than steel, it can reduce the construction cost, and make the buildings architecturally pleasing. The custom aluminum extrusion frame is usually infilled with glass, which can make the natural light penetrate deeper within the buildings, in order to save more energy.


Guangyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd is a great aluminum curtain wall manufacturer in China. We provide more than 20 sections of curtain walls. Some are with Horizontal Hidden frame design, some are with vertical exposed designs, and others. We have 2800T, 3000T, and even 5000T extrusion machines to satisfy customer’s need. With a team of skillful labor, we promise that we are offering the best custom aluminum extrusion profiles in a competitive price. Please Click in to see the detail product sections and drawings. 



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